The History

The Hofheimer Building is a 14,400 square foot historic property that was erected in 1928, for the Herold R. Hofheimer Fine Rug Company. The Department of Historic Resources characterizes it as one of the rare examples of “Exotic-Revival style” architecture in the Richmond area. The building features the iconic mediterranean-style dome and glazed mosaic tile. In fact, Mr. Hofheimer is rumored to have purchased the leftover tile from the construction of the Mosque Theater, now the Altria Theater, in 1926. The rooftop addition was built 11 years later in 1937, providing a work area that was used for air drying rugs. The construction of the roof is solid steel and concrete allowing for the perfect modern outdoor rooftop space.


The Neighborhood

Originally, Scott’s Addition was part of the Mayo family Plantation. Major General Winfield Scott, a hero of the War of 1812 and the Mexican War, received the property as a dowry when he married Elizabeth Mayo. “Addition” was used to describe its addition to the city grid. In the early 1900’s the area was a hub of business and industry due to its proximity to the railroad and street car system. Since 2009 the area has been a hotspot for new loft apartments and creative businesses, who are flocking back to the neighborhood for its proximity to the historic Fan District and VCU. The neighborhood now boasts modern apartments, breweries and many popular restaurants.